You can use all of the features of Espra Trustmap by following @trustmap and then either tweeting to @trustmap or sending @trustmap a direct message. You use exactly the same syntax as you would using it through the web.

You can choose to send a reply to @trustmap, or send a direct message to the trustmap user. Either way, you'll get a direct message in reply, which is why you need to follow @trustmap. It should take, on average, around 30 seconds for your tweets to be processed and show up in your trust data.

Example usage

I've always had fun going out with @tav. So from my Twitter account ( @thruflo) I can tweet:

Then imagine I see him making a complete fool of himself on the dancefloor:

Now when I query my trustmap for @tav:

I'll get a tweet back listing #nightlife but not #dancing.

More information

The best way to learn Espra Trustmap is simply to use it. Login to Twitter and try sending @trustmap a message. If you're not sure of the syntax, you can see the details here. If you have any problems or have any questions, and we'll be very happy to try and help.