Contextual Identifiers

People are referred to on Espra Trustmap using contextual identifiers. These identify the user in a particular context. The simplest (and potentially the only syntax you need) is @username, which identifies username on Twitter. For example, @thruflo is

With the @username syntax, the "@" symbol is the context and "username" the identifier. This is shorthand for the fuller syntax: ~twitter:thruflo (which is equivalent to @thruflo) where "~twitter" is the context and "thruflo" is the identifier.

One common tricky case is refering to a Facebook user who hasn't setup a username. The trick is to copy the uid from their profile URL, e.g.: if you're on, copy the id=564391013 to make the identifier ~facebook:564391013

We currently support the following contextual identifiers:












The following all identify me:


We plan to add support for more services and email addresses in the near future. If you have any suggestions, .