What is Espra Trustmap?

Espra Trustmap is a web service for finding people who trust and are trusted. You can use it to build your own trust network and to search other people's trust networks. All the information is publicly available through the web and via our API, which allows developers to make personalised systems that are resilient to spam.

Say you want to know where to stay in Morocco. In everyday life you query your mental trustmap, "Who do I know who's been to Morocco? Didn't Sarah say she'd gone to Casablanca last summer?" With Espra Trustmap, you can put that (hugely valuable) knowledge of who you trust and for what into the public domain.

Fundamentally, trust networks are an essential building block of the future web. Building your trustmap will help you get better information and take advantage the shared intelligence of the crowd. It'll also mean that there's more reason for other people to weave you into the social and reputational networks that continue to reshape the way we communicate and organise our lives.